Waveland City Hall Gallery

The Arts, Hancock County, and the City of Waveland are partners in the first local Gallery to sponsor only juried shows. Waveland's City Hall Gallery, on Coleman Avenue, will feature the best work by local artists. Each show will be on view for approximately two months, during City Hall's regular business hours.

David Garcia, the Mayor of Waveland, said "We are thrilled to partner with the Arts, Hancock County. Ours is an artist's community, and what better place to showcase that community than our public buildings? It (the opening show) is beautiful". The premiere show will run until December 10, 2012.

The Arts joins me in thanking all the people at City Hall for their help, and particularly, Janet Dudding, who was instrumental in arranging this.

Marilynn Arseneau, President, the Arts, Hancock County, on behalf of the Board of Directors, and members of the Arts.

Sandra Bagley and Marilynn Arseneau are in charge of the gallery.

Email address: wavelandcityhallgallery@gmail.com

2012-2013 Schedule:  

Entry Deadline Intake/Pickup Opening
Nov 11 Dec 10 Dec 13
Jan 11 Feb 11 Feb 14
Mar 8 Apr 8 Apr 11
May 10 Jun 10 Jun 13
Jul 12 Aug 12 Aug 15
Sep 14 Oct 14 Oct 17
Nov 9 Dec 9 Dec 12