The Wave Gallery
Address: 454 Hwy. 90, Waveland, MS  [ map ]
Hours: 10 AM - 5 PM, Monday - Friday
Phone: 228.467.2761

Wave Gallery The Wave Gallery, a joint effort of The Arts, Hancock County and Pearl River Community College, was rebuilt after Hurricane Katrina.

The President of Pearl River Community College, Dr. William Lewis, has said that this gallery represents a unique joint arts experience, not currently available at any other PRCC campus.

Mr. Ramunda Barnes, Director of the Waveland campus, is very instrumental to the gallery's success. He supports our efforts completely, and assists with every opening.

The Wave Gallery encourges ongoing interaction between the Arts and the students and faculty of the college. The general public is also involved through our bimonthly show openings, and the ability to view art in the gallery any time the college is open - generally Monday through Friday 8:30 AM until at least 8:30 PM.

Since the fall of 2009, PRCC students have been hanging shows of their own work in the Gallery. They will host openings, and members of the Arts and the public will be invited.

All interaction between the Arts and the public is important, but this relationship with PRCC students is special. These students are in a learning mode. Many of them are young adults. For some, this may be a unique opportunity to live with original art on a regular basis.

Wave Gallery

Many students come in on the days that each new show is being hung, to watch, and to comment on the works, and on the process of putting the show together. Several students have told me that they look forward to seeing what we will be doing next.

These students are our next generation. They are the ones in that generation working to educate themselves, some at very high personal cost. They are our future in the Arts as well.

They will find that art enriches their lives, engages their imaginations, and inspires their ideas.


Contacts: Joan Coleman, 228 363-1759, Susan Siekmann 228 342-4364

2013 Schedule            
(Shows are bimonthly)            

Intake Reception Hangs until Theme
Jan 21 Jan 25 Mar 18 Cozy Time / Romance
Mar 18 Mar 22 May 20 Miniatures
May 20 May 24 Jul 22 Abstracts
Jul 22 Jul 26 Sep 23 Figure / Form
Sep 23 Sep 27 Nov ?? Annual People's Choice Invitational
Nov ?? Nov ?? Dec ?? Combined show with high school and college students
Jan ?? 2014 -- "Crowns"

Intake: from 2-4pm, Reception: from 5-7pm